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We are located in the charming village of Pepin on the Mississippi River. Our part of the Mississippi looks more like a Lake than a River and is known as Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin was formed through a unique series of events. We can tell you more when you arrive.


We are just one short block from the award winning Harbor View Cafe, the 404 Coffee, The Garden Pub and the world famous Laura Engels WIlder Museum. Walk just 1/2 block more and you will be at the Pickle Factory and the Pepin Marina. The Villa Belleza and their fine variety of wines are a 10 minute walk. Five minutes up river by car will take you to the shops of charming Village of Stockholm.



By the mid-17th century, the French had begun to send expeditions into Wisconsin via the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River. King Louis XIII of France is believed to have granted a huge piece of land in the Upper Mississippi River Valley to two brothers, Etiene Pepin de la Fond and Guillaume dit Tranchemontagne. Two of Guillaume’s sons, Pierre Pepin and Jean Pepin du Cardonnets, later explored and traded in this area, and their surname became attached to the lake, and ultimately to the village and the county.

The author Laura Ingalls Wilder was born in the Pepin area, near Lund, Wisconsin, where her family lived. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum is in the village. The Little House Wayside is located seven miles northwest of the village, in the town of Pepin.

Local Interests

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