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Sailing Lake Pepin

By the mid-17th century, the French had begun to send expeditions into Wisconsin via the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River. King Louis XIII of France is believed to have granted a huge piece of land in the Upper Mississippi River Valley to two brothers, Etiene Pepin de la Fond and Guillaume dit Tranchemontagne. Two of Guillaume’s sons, Pierre Pepin and Jean Pepin du Cardonnets, later explored and traded in this area, and their surname became attached to the lake, to our village and to the county of Pepin. 

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Captain Rob

Come along with us on a fun and relaxing ride aboard the sailing vessel, Windsong - a 32' Catalina skippered by Captain Rob or Captain Jerry. There is just nothing like getting out on the water and nothing like Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River. Whether you fancy an Afternoon excursion, a Sunset Cruise or our Starlight Cruise when the stars crowd the sky and you can see the Milky Way, you will love being out on Lake Pepin.

Captain Jerry and Captain Rob are United States Coast Guard certified and credentialed Merchant Mariners, Seamen and Captains . They can’t wait to take you out on Lake Pepin and the Mississippi, fill you full of yarns and even some history.

Our Sailing Trips Aboard the Catalina 320 - Windsong 

1PM & 4PM Thursdays-Sundays

Sailing Excursions

A wonderful way to get out on the water and see the villages and scenery along both sides of Lake Pepin - The Mighty Mississippi River. We offer sailing excursions and lessons at other times by appointment


1 hour before Sunset

Sunset Cruises

There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset on Lake Pepin. It will take your breath away. By reservation/appointment

Departure time varies - After Sunset

Starlight Cruises

This is the cruise everyone is talking about. Can't be described. You have to experience it! By reservation appointment

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ꟷ All sailing excursions aboard the Windsong accommodate up to 6 passengers at $65/passenger. Minimum of $195. Excursions aboard the Commander accommodate up to 4 passengers and are $225 , Approximately 2 hours.ꟷ

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